Looking for Individual and Family Plan Coverage?

Buying health insurance on your own can be overwhelming. There are several ways you can apply for health insurance in person, by phone, or online, or through a certified insurance agent, enrollment counselor, or directly through a health plan.

If you have a doctor or group of doctors you have been seeing or would like to see, be sure they are in the health plan's network. Always be sure to verify if with the insurance plan your doctor is in network.

Because health plan and network information may change, we recommend confirming your choice is available in your area by contacting the health plan's customer service number listed on their website. 

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Dignity Health is proud to be offered through these Covered CA health plans:

Covered California Plans Contracted with Dignity Health

Blue Shield HMO TRIO

Blue Shield PPO

Anthem EPO

Health Net EPO


Dominican Hospital

Physician Offices / Other Facilities

Dignity Health Medical Group – Dominican

Dominican Home Health – Santa Cruz

Independent Physicians Association (IPA)

Dignity Health Medical Network

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